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About Us

Jackie Hartung, President

Jackie is married and a mother of three. Tanner, Elliana and her angel Shaylee, who passed to SIDS at 2 ½ months on December 15, 2007.

Kelli Espiritu, Vice-President

Kelli is married and a mother of four. Jordan, Jackson, Easton and her angel Max who passed to stillbirth at 38 weeks on September 27, 2010.

Who We Are

Halos Of Hudson was inspired by angel families that are dedicated to keeping their children’s memory alive. We walked alongside hundreds of fellow angel parents, family, friends and community members to celebrate and honor them and the light they will forever bring to our lives. In 2012, Jackie and Kelli continued the mission of reaching out to grieving parents and officially formed Halos of Hudson as a non-profit organization. We continue with our community service in many events and outreach efforts.